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Gary Oak [userpic]

Here be Gary's Pokémon detailed data.Collapse )

Gary Oak [userpic]

down hereCollapse )

Gary Oak [userpic]

this probably will never be edited oTL fdlkhgdf

◆ Entries
001. Intro Post
↘ (Special)Blue, squirtlethief
↘ (MD)Piplup, epic_penguin
↘ Paul, battlestandby
↘ (GSC)Red, mtsilver_champ
↘ Ash #1, master_of_mon
↘ Ash #2, idkmybffpika
002. Searching for this egg's mom.
↘ Karen, howdaring
↘ Paul, battlestandby
↘ Alex, icyweasel
↘ Ash #2, idkmybffpika
↘ Amanda, mydadthemaster
↘ (SP)Green, perfectpallet
003. 'It hatched into a....'
↘ Candice, fashioniceta
↘ Ash #1, master_of_mon
↘ Little!Paul, veilstone_brat
004. 'Uh, my bad.'
↘ Mesprit, roamin_emotion
↘ (AU) Yellow, dragons_healer
↘ Sunny, sunnythecherrim
↘ Uxie, acuity_of_mind
↘ Nascour riku_medusa
↘ Paul battlestandby

◆ Threads
001. Paul, battlestandby - 'I should've brought a camera.'
002. (SP)Gold, mischiefbreeder - 'Yeah another newcomer!'
003. (SP)Yellow, healing_yellow - 'Hey, can I help you?'
004. Paul, battlestandby + Ash #1 master_of_mon
'Yes, he's usually late.'
005. (SP)Green, perfectpallet - 'Hi another me that's not really me.'
006. Dawn, contestblunette - 'In which Gary is determined to get better at calming people down.'
007. Paul, battlestandby + Ash #1 master_of_mon + Green perfectpallet
'Suddenly feeling grumpy, arrogant and awesome.'
008. Paul, battlestandby + Ash #1 master_of_mon
'Aftermath of that trainwreck above.'
009. Soul, shakenmilk - 'Why are you darting around? Avoiding someone?'
010. Little!Paul, veilstone_brat - 'In which Gary's managed to calm one person down.'
011. Delia, mamaketchum + Daisy ihavenomaps
'A party for Ash's victory... with a surprise.'
012. As Umbreon • Alex the Sneasel, icyweasel - 'Dark Pokémon huzzah!'
013. Soul, shakenmilk - 'Giving her a little confidence lesson.'
014. Cheerleaders, garyisourman - what is this i dont even
015. Paul, battlestandby - 'Time for a little battle.'

If any of you want to thread with or make a plot with Gary just say it here or message me~

Gary Oak [userpic]

The username is taken on how Hikari always thought that Shigeru makes poems like the way his grandfather does. He once did make a poem on the spot to cheer Hikari though.

If you're not interested in reading tl;dr about a 10-years old kid, Gary's basically a mature but snobby boy.Collapse )

I watch Pokemon on the Japanese Version so if there's any change on the USA version, please do tell me! And my memory of the original episodes are somewhat vague, so please go easy on me if I forgot some details.

Gary Oak [userpic]

[ Maybe Gary's an early bird, or Ash is fashionably late. He's already prepared to what seems to be the first time the two childhood friends' adventure together for so long. Gary's sitting on a bench near the CMA, laptop? Check. Pokéballs? Check. Supplies? Check. Well, there should be nothing wrong :V It's not like anyone's going to stop them from checking out stuffs. ]

Gary Oak [userpic]

.........W-whoever this anon who gave us a paid account is an angel and I'm grateful forever oh my god ♥

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